In reality, the guitar pedalboard is an intermediary connecting device that not only remotely joins the guitar and amplifier, but provides a myriad of sonic accentuations and embellishments that mutually benefit both ends of the creative tonal loop. The Sabre Pedal Switchers have been designed with this marriage in mind. They are visually unique and represent an appealing cosmetic enhancement to practically any musical environment.

Sabre Audio Pedal Switcher


The LED horizontal Bar and Footswitch Base that span the board left to right at top and bottom respectively, are fabricated from elegant ½” Solid AAA Figured Maple. They are offered in hand rubbed, Vintage Natural finish and mirror the beauty of select vintage guitars that are famous for the same look, wood and finish.

The sides and back are fabricated with Birch Ply that is covered with a variety of offerings of High Quality Tolex. Vintage Black, White, Brown and many new amplifier coverings are available. This brings the cosmetic essence of the amplifier to the Sabre Switcher and thus completes the Guitar / amplifier hybrid representation.

Sabre 4, 6 and 8 position pedal Switchers are low profile and compactly designed to occupy as little valuable stage space as possible. Carrying this philosophy even further, the Sabre 10 and 12 use a double deck design. Having approximately half of the effects compliment on the upper tier, provides a means of employing multiple devices without taking up huge chunks of stage real estate in the process.


While very pleasing to look at, it should be noted that Sabre Switchers are very durable. In addition to the inherent strength associated with the outer materials, all switchers have a solid wood internal bracing system. The two combined, equal a chassis that will endure the rigors of the road and remain intact for years and years.


Sabre Audio Pedal Switchers have been designed to provide ease of access to the
world of guitar pedal applications for the tone purist and all players that wish to employ such devices without the tonal coloration and signal loss common in modern pedalboards. This level of performance is achieved by employing circuit designs that provide a True Bypass scenario (Guitar signal, capacitance and resistance from the mounted devices is totally absent from the output bus until a device is selected). This is accomplished by employing only analog components, insuring that the loss and coloration associated with digital process is never encountered and pure, natural tone is protected.
True Bypass pedal switchers from Sabre are very quiet. Switching is accomplished via sealed relays having specifically designed drivers and Schottky super-fast diodes. The audio path along the circuit board has been reduced to a mere 2.75 inch square thus minimizing exposure. Other than switching relays, the resting audio signal sees no electronic components. Even switching components are totally analog. The entire circuit board is shielded.

The Sabre Pedal Switchers allow pedals to be placed upon the board in a manner that corresponds to the associated discrete channel. The physical position of the footswitch and LED will be very close and/or easily recognizable as the associated control components to the device. This eliminates confusing patching scenarios and the need for tacked-on labels as apparent on most pedalboards with bypass capabilities.

Input and Output connections are facilitated by ¼”  jacks located on the right side of the chassis. The (3rd) jack is a special TRS connection that interfaces External devices with the system. The “on” status is indicated by an associated red LED located at top right on the Maple LED Span. When activated, an external loop is created. Wah’s, Volume pedals, effects to be auditioned or even other complete pedal boards can be connected here and will not be included in the audio bus unless the EXT loop is selected.


In scenarios where the EXT is not utilized and nothing is plugged in, the 1st position (far right) switch will operate as a normal channel select switch. Activation will turn the 1st channel position and Blue LED On and Off. When something is plugged into the EXT jack, the 1st position switch becomes a multi-function switch: Pushing once turns on the EXT loop and corresponding Red LED. Pushing a second time turns the

channel Off. Pushing a third time engages the 1st channel on the board (Blue LED). Pushing a fourth time resets the sequence.

All patch cables required to connect devices to the switcher’s discrete channels are provided. Connecting audio cables are made of SabreCable low noise stock and are permanently mounted directly to the circuit board via multi-pin connectors. In a gesture of significant understatement - it can be said that strain relief is considerable. However,

it is not visible.


Effects pedals are physically mounted by virtue of a device tray. This component has a 2” wide slot spanning the length of the tray. The tray unlatches at the middle underside and will swivel up and forward allowing generous access to the underneath. This combined with the access slot, make connections easier and more organized.


At present, all Sabre Audio Pedal Switchers are equipped with Voodoo Labs power supplies. Offering different power scenarios, the units are permanently mounted internally, being only partially exposed at the lower left side of the underneath area. They protrude just enough for the nomenclature and outputs to be visible and accessible. An AC jack is mounted on the left side of the switcher chassis. All power cables are included, along with a nominal power cord.


Sabre Pedal Switchers are available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 position formats. Sabre 4 Switchers are available with ABS weatherproof cases, ATA flight cases or heavy-duty ATA flight cases with pull-out handle and wheels. Switchers 6, 8, 10 and 12 are shipped with Heavy-duty ATA cases (pull-out handle and wheels optional). These switchers are designed to remain in the case during operation. This allows for ease and speed in set-up / tear down. These cases come with built-in accessory compartments.