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Redd Volkaert

“I love these flippin cables!!” (only …. he may not have said “flippin”) Extraordinary guitarist Redd Volkaert uses SabreCable exclusively.

Michael Stevens

Master Luthier - hand crafting instruments that are on the (very) short-list of the finest guitars on the planet. Stevens guitars are shipped with SabreCable AR Series cables.

Junior Brown

Iconic Musician and fabulous guitarist Junior Brown has been using Sabrecable exclusively for years. Junior requires “Low Noise and True fidelity” to connect the famous “Guit-Steel”.

"Finally bought some Sabre Cables. I've put them through the paces and can say these cables are even beyond my expectations. The quality and sound are awesome!"


B. R.

"Changed all my cables to Sabre -  to and from my board and between all my pedals.
The difference in sound is amazing!"

N. S.

"Not only do these cables sound the best......they're the only ones in my bag that always work when I need them"



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